A Billion Color Story

Name of the movie : A Billion Color Story

Whenever I get a chance to watch the TV I usually surf through movie channels and especially stop at Star Gold Select as there, as the name says, we truly find selected films which are not commercially hit but will surely hit your mind and heart very hard!

One of such movies i watched today was A Billion Colour Story directed by Padmakumar Narsimhamurty. Movie revolves around the world of a 10 year old boy named Hari Aziz whose parents Parvati and Imran left Australia and got settled in India for the love of their country!

Imran and Parvi have a blind faith in people of India that they will not be judged by their names or that they will easily become one of them! they believe in India which is diversified but still united by all means!

They start realizing the other side of their beloved country when they sell their house to finance their film project.They are denied a flat in a society as Muslims are not allowed to stay there! Parvati is being questioned on her short dress saying, ‘hamari auratein aise kapde nahi pehenti’ !! When Imran stands up as a witness in murder of a hindu film maker, social worker, his son is killed!! As Hari Aziz narrates the story, he says ‘I do not know the reason of my death, whether it was communal or something else’!

This story has billion colors if we wish to see them! While we are heading towards a progressive path, why it is still difficult for us to accept a Hari Aziz and let him be a part of society as you and me are! When will we stop judging each others on names, colors, surnames!!Why can’t we be just humans as nature has made us and let others be so!!

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