I am not highly experienced in the field of recruiting. Still, daring to give some ‘free ka gyan’!!To put in simple words, I am just sharing my experience with whole genuinity and honesty!!

I call few candidates for ‘xyz’ position in some ‘ABC’ company. I brief them about the job profile, company name and its basic information. Sometimes, person on the other side is curious to know about the company, what it is into, no. of employees etc. But most of the times, candidates listen to whatever I say, asks to send the JD through the mail and hangs up. Still, I insist them to visit the company website, go through the profile and if they find it interesting, reply with their updated CV.


I get their updated CV saying ‘I am interested’ or simply a plain email with resume attached. Their CV gets shortlisted for the further process.Here,I am under impression, candidate knows almost everything about the company. They have done their part by studying about the client or its requirement.


They get an interview call from the company and now they start asking what is the name of the company? What is the employee strength? Then they realize,’ohhh…Its just a 2 year old company’ or ‘Is it a startup’ or ‘I was not aware, its so far from my place,,sorry, I am not interested!!!




Obviously, this situation is not expected to come up!!Who is at fault?Me(recruiter) or the candidate?I guess,both!!


Today’s lesson for recruiters like me is, even if candidate is in hurry, least bothered about the company details, give as much information as possible from your side. Do not be under assumption, candidate takes your call seriously and has deeply dived into the details of your email!!

A kind request to candidates, please go through the JD, company profile thoroughly before facing the interview.A little homework will not do any harm.I have learnt my lesson and hope the job aspirants reading this will also have some takeaway from my experience.

Thanks for reading!!

©Prachi Shivpuje Mane


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